26 May 2020

Corona updates

Qridi was originally created to provide tools for formative assessment, but this spring demonstrated that Qridi is not only an assessment tool, but excellent platform for remote teaching and learning. The challenge was equally tough for teachers all over the world, but Qridi users were able to build an effective and pedagogically profound system in no time.

  • How to establish a connection with students?
  • How to make clear, what the students are supposed to do at home?
  • How to deliver instruction and support?
  • How to follow, what the students are learning?

With Qridi the challenge was easy to address. Teacher was able to list the daily tasks and deliver them to the students as task cards with Qridi task list tool. The task cards included links to learning materials and instructions in writing or in video. The students completed the tasks and made a self-evaluation on how well they were able to complete the task. The teachers were able to follow, which students felt that they needed help and which ones felt confident about their work.

Most teachers set up a remote learning journal, in which students were able to send photos and videos documenting the work they have done at home. In the learning journal, the teacher was able to view student work and provide feedback on it.

The praise and gratitude Qridi received from the teachers took us by surprise: Many teachers felt that the best benefit was the real-time overview of how their students worked. Also the parents were satisfied that their children had a clear idea of what is expected from them each day. One school principal stated that it was a pure stroke of luck that his school purchased Qridi just before the lockdown.

Encouraged and inspired by the feedback Qridi technical team made improvements in the task list tool. Now students have a possibility to submit photos, videos, sound recordings or files directly in task cards. Teacher can view the submissions and either accept them or bounce them back for the student.

This update enables a better interaction between teachers and students and makes it easier for teacher to view the submissions and document the progress of each individual student.

The vision of Qridi is to work for the benefit of student learning and for the joy of the teachers. We are excited about the number of students and teachers we have been able to serve during the lockdown period. As the COVID-situation continues and changes, we will continue to listen to our user feedback and stay evolving. Stay well and keep tuned for the next updates!