24 August 2017

For the teacher’s delight, for the student’s benefit

“Why don’t you create software that would delight teachers and benefit students?” We received this request from teachers and have been using it as our guideline from the very beginning.

After years of determined work, we have now launched the Qridi tool, which already has thousands of users. In creating it, we collaborated with teachers and experts.

According to research, evaluation directs learning more than any other single factor in the learning context. Especially formative evaluation has been found to support learning. This viewpoint highlights the very essence of learning, and we also emphasised it when designing Qridi.

Creating an evaluation culture that supports learning requires conscious effort in order to provide conditions that favour evaluation and where learners can recognise their strengths and development opportunities. Ideally, evaluation helps learners learn more about themselves and accept themselves. It is important to understand that evaluation is not the same thing as judging – it directs learners and helps them learn things.

The size of our company and the number of Qridi users have increased. In developing Qridi, we still follow our mission “For the teacher’s delight, for the student’s benefit”. We want to continue listening to the experiences of Qridi users very carefully in future, too.

I wish you a happy early autumn!

Best regards,

Toni Eskola, CEO
Qridi Oy