14 October 2020

Qridi is shortlisted in the Reimagine Education awards hybrid learning category.

We are proud to announce that Qridi made it to the finals in Reimagine Education Awards! This year Qridi participated in the Hybrid Learning category, which seeks solutions and projects combining web-based learning and teaching with traditional practices. We are honoured to be recognised and excited to participate in the prestigious Reimagine Education event as a finalist. Thumbs up for Qridi!

Qridi is indeed an excellent tool to combine web-based resources and traditional learning practices. Last spring, when the COVID-19 lockdown separated teachers from their students Qridi really proved its value as a powerful tool to engage students. Qridi was able to empower students to take ownership of their learning in a situation where the teacher was not available and furthermore, provide the teacher with means to follow the students’ process and provide feedback and assistance. Now that the students are back in the classroom, teachers continue to use Qridi in a hybrid mode, as a digital tool to enhance traditional classroom learning. The most popular use scenarios include documenting student work in a learning journal, keeping track of student progress with a task list tool and enabling continuous self-assessment.

“With Qridi I have been able to increase the amount of feedback that I give to my students. For the first time I feel that I give enough information for them about how they are learning and improving.” – Teacher, Finland

“Parents give only positive feedback about Qridi. It gives me great contact with students (Student videos, photos, voice recordings and files). Everything is stored in the same location and the most important thing is that Qridi works on student mobile phones. I recommend it! It is easy to get started, even remotely.” – Teacher in a social media discussion about Remote learning platforms