Qridi in remote learning


Teachers and school admins worldwide are facing challenging times as schools remain closed or are at risk of being closed at short notice. Books can be taken home, lessons can be held online, and tasks can be sent home via different media. One of the most urgent questions at the moment, however, seems to be how can teachers follow and monitor the individual learning processes of their students in real time. How can a teacher or a school admin get an overall big picture of the progress the students are making while they are studying at home? The tool for wrapping everything up and getting organized is needed.

Qridi is the tool for solving these challenges. Qridi has been used in remote learning with great results, and therefore many cities in Finland have guided their schools and teachers to use Qridi for supporting their students while schools are closed.


Benefits of Qridi in remote learning:

  • Qridi is easy to use on any device even for the youngest students without previous experience.
  • Qridi can be used in several ways in remote teaching, and different kinds of learning materials can be linked into Qridi.
  • Qridi software is available in multiple languages.
  • Qridi is a high quality tool with several international acknowledgements. Qridi will aid your progress in executing digital teaching also in the future.
  • Our R&D is now focused on developing solutions and improvements to make Qridi even more suitable for remote learning. We are open for feedback and suggestions on how to improve Qridi to serve you better.
  • O365 or Google SSO and data transfer APIs are available upon request.
  • You have access to Qridi’s tutorial videos and written support material for remote learning.

How does Qridi work in remote learning?

  • With the Task list tool, you can share a variety of different kinds of assignments to your students. You can write a piece of text with instructions, record audio or shoot instructional videos, share links and embedded Youtube videos, or guide your students to use their textbooks, e-material and other learning platforms at home. Students can submit tasks and assess their progress with each task while the teacher can monitor their progress online in real time and give them feedback on their tasks.
  • With the Journals tool your students can reflect on their learning. Students can add text, photos, audio or video to support their reflections. As a teacher you can follow your students’ progress in real time and give them feedback.
  • With the Evaluations tool you can activate your students to reflect on their own learning during the remote learning period. You can, for instance, ask your students to assess their working skills daily while schools are closed. Working skills can include e.g. planning their own work and completing assignments in the given time frame.

We are here to help you! Find out more by sending us an email to jenna@qridi.fi or markus.packalen@qridi.fi.