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The Best digital learning solution
in Finland 2016

“Evaluation guides studying and learning more than any other factor in the learning situation.”

(Entwistle & Entwistle, 1992; Hodgson & Pang, 2012; Segers & Dochy, 2006; Struyven, Dochy & Janssens, 2005)

“Integrating formative evaluation into the teaching/learning process has huge influence on learning.”

(Hattie, J. (2012) Visible Learning for Teachers.)

"A new approach to evaluations that enables self, peer, group and guardian
evaluations in an easily applicable environment. The innovative product has
huge potential to develop and be recognised internationally. In the school
world Qridi supports a learning centred approach, as well as, work related
to the new curriculum. "
Olli-Pekka Heinonen, director general for the Finnish National Agency for Education

For teachers

Qridi has been developed together with innovative Finnish teachers and experts, based on the most recent results of studies into learning. Qridi has special interfaces through which teachers can manage their learner groups. It is a comprehensive digital tool for formative evaluation, providing an easy-to-use environment in which learners can perform self, peer and group evaluations and where evaluations can also be made by parents and teachers. There is a task list that helps teachers see in real time the progress that the learners have made in the tasks assigned. Teachers and learners can together set personal goals whose fulfilment can be monitored easily. When all of its features are in use, Qridi is an excellent school work organisation and evaluation tool for both teachers and learners.

For learners

Learners can use Qridi via a web browser or mobile application. Qridi has a clear, visual interface that allows learners respond to the self, peer and group evaluations assigned by teachers, self-evaluate the tasks assigned to them, and reflect on their learning in words and photos in a diary. Learners can set goals together with teachers and monitor the progress they have made towards achieving them. By monitoring their progress using versatile reports and setting goals, learners can better understand and direct their learning.


Qridi’s superior feature is its reports for teachers, learners and parents. It is possible to prepare broad summaries about evaluations, which help teachers’ work, create a good basis for discussions with learners and above all help learners develop a more in-depth understanding of their learning. With Qridi, it is possible to direct and monitor learners’ individual learning processes in a variety of ways. Teachers using Qridi at work will undoubtedly see how evaluation guides learners in their learning. The topics that one decides to observe and document will be strengthened in learners’ learning efforts.



Qridi can be used to evaluate and, at the same time, teach a broad array of skills (21st century skills): behaviour and the whole made up of knowledge, skills, attitudes and will. The tool has especially been designed for guidance and the evaluation of continuous learning.

Teachers have access to a wealth of tools: learner self, peer and group evaluations, evaluations by the teacher and parents, a learning diary and a task list.

There are separate user interfaces for teachers, learners and parents.


All evaluations are saved under the learner’s name in the system. Qridi offers easy-to-read reports as trend lines and different graphs according to learner and group.

The diary, in turn, is an excellent place for learners to reflect on their learning process in words and pictures using the data saved in Qridi.

Task lists give learners and teachers a clear picture about the progress made by the learners in completing their tasks. This also allows learners to evaluate and understand their learning.


In Qridi, learners and teachers can set personal goals for learners and monitor their achievement in real time. The goals set can be for a short period or cover the whole school year. Versatile evaluation tasks assigned by teachers to learners help monitor the achievement of goals.



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