Simplifying teachers' work

The Qridi portfolio solution for European School Brussels 2 allows students and teachers to collect learning evidence and assess the outcomes from both perspectives. Assessment and reflection tools make it easy for teachers to stay on track with pupils' progress.
  • Formative assessment
  • Collaborative planning
  • Differentiation

Curriculum Brought to Life

The portfolio is structured according to the learning outcomes of the curriculum making the learning evidence and its assessments an effective tool to implement the curriculum and observing its impact on learning. The European Schools' Key Competences are tagged visualized.
  • Harmonized planning
  • 8 key competences for Lifelong Learning
  • Progress monitoring

Empowering Pupils

Qridi's simple-to-use student interface makes it easy for students to engage and take ownership of their learning. Being able to see one's own progress through the Assessment train feature and to practice self-regulation is key to succesful learning.
  • Easy-to-use student interface
  • Branding according to school's clolours and logo
  • Child friendly data feedback on learning
  • Even the youngest students can evidence and reflect through audio, video and images
  • Possibility to export and print the portfolio
  • Learning paths visualized and made understandable to students

Learning Data gives Insights for all Parties

Progress in learning is visualized with spider diagrams for academics as well as the European Schools' 8 key competences. The resulting data can be viewed by teachers, students, parents and school leadership alike.
  • Home–school communication improved
  • Data driven leadership enabled


I have used Qridi in kindergarten for a few years. With the journal feature, my pupils are able to go back and see their achievement and comment on it, which is key in developing refective skills. With the assessment train, their learning path is finally visible to them"

Vanessa Dubois
Nursery Teacher
EEB4 Laeken


“The user experience is very straight forward and easy to use for students and teachers alike”

Noel Rowland
Assistant Deputy Head Primary and Nursery, EEB2

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A Successful Use-case of Qridi's learning portfolio at the European School Brussels 2

In the ever-evolving landscape of education, the need for innovative solutions that streamline teaching processes and enhance student learning experiences has never been greater. European School Brussels 2 embarked on a journey to transform education through a tailored digital portfolio solution, and the results have been nothing short of remarkable.