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Revolutionizing Education at BIS Abu Dhabi with Qridi: Enhancing Learning Portfolios and Progress Monitoring

Explore how British International School Abu Dhabi enhances education with Qridi, a Finnish LMS. Qridi streamlines formative assessment, tracks competencies, and provides robust data analytics. At BISAD, it revolutionizes learning portfolios, empowering students to digitize their projects and achievements, fostering progress.

A Successful Use-case of Qridi's learning portfolio at the European School Brussels 2

In the ever-evolving landscape of education, the need for innovative solutions that streamline teaching processes and enhance student learning experiences has never been greater. European School Brussels 2 embarked on a journey to transform education through a tailored digital portfolio solution, and the results have been nothing short of remarkable.

7 Steps to Mastering Formative Assessment: Definition, Examples, Strategies, and Tools

Explore the world of formative assessment with Qridi. Learn about the definition, examples, strategies, and tools to enhance student learning and understanding.

Enhancing Education with User-Friendly Technology: A Testimonial Interview from Indonesia

Meet Mr. Onggo Susilo, a seasoned educator with a passion for empowering students. In our candid conversation, Onggo shared their enthusiastic recommendation for Qridi, not only for teachers but for schools and educational organizations as well.

Unveiling the Secrets of Finnish Teaching Methods: A Comprehensive Guide

Discover the essence of Finnish pedagogy and how to implement its successful methods in your educational institution. Learn about holistic approaches, learner-centered thinking, continuous assessment, and effective communication strategies.

How was Assessment Done in Hunter-Gatherer Cultures?

Markus Packalen

How was assessment done hunter-gatherer cultures? This question raises interesting considerations about the diversity of assessment and its role in modern education. We explore the assessment practices of past times and their significance in learning.

Edita and Qridi collaborate in producing innovative learning materials.

As part of the primary school learning materials, Edita and Qridi together introduce new digital tools that genuinely enhance learning, inspire both teachers and students, and promote equitable assessment.

Genius Not Required

Dr. Christine Lang

Significant change is required to reduce overwhelm and improve the learning and well-being of students and their educators.

Supporting literacy in early education.

Qridi offers various means to support literacy.