Revolutionizing Education at BIS Abu Dhabi with Qridi: Enhancing Learning Portfolios and Progress Monitoring

Explore how British International School Abu Dhabi enhances education with Qridi, a Finnish LMS. Qridi streamlines formative assessment, tracks competencies, and provides robust data analytics. At BISAD, it revolutionizes learning portfolios, empowering students to digitize their projects and achievements, fostering progress.

At the British International School Abu Dhabi (BISAD), teachers have significantly reduced their workloads and improved student engagement by implementing Qridi, a cutting-edge learning management system (LMS) from Finland. This innovative digital solution supports formative assessment through self, peer, and parent assessments, tracks transversal competencies, and offers extensive data analytics of the learning process.

Transforming Learning Portfolios for Schools

With Qridi, BISAD has transitioned from paper-based documentation to a polished digital environment, creating comprehensive learning portfolios for schools. Students actively collect projects and achievements in various categories such as service, leadership, and academics. These projects are documented through photos, videos, text, or files, and reflect on personal characteristics such as being a Thinker, Risk-taker, Reflective, Principled, and Open-Minded.

Evidencing learning and monitoring progress is easy with Qridi, a comprehensive learning portfolios for schools.
Teacher and student views of the BISAD Diploma app.

Leveraging Digital Tools for Informal Learning

Qridi enhances informal learning by allowing students to engage in activities beyond the curriculum, promoting a holistic learning experience. The BISAD Diploma digital solution, co-developed with Qridi, ensures that students are involved in a wide range of activities, fostering growth in both academic and personal development.

Effective Progress Monitoring and Learner Profile Assessment

Qridi's learning management system offers robust progress monitoring capabilities. Teachers can oversee the students' diploma process, review projects, make assessments, and provide feedback. The integration with iSAMS data storage allows seamless login for students and teachers using O365 accounts. This system also supports learner profile assessment, enabling a clear view of student development and achievement.

Areas of strength and improvement in learning visualized.
Areas of strength and improvement in learning visualized.

Accessible and Customizable Learning Apps

Students can access their diplomas via a mobile or web learning app, with categories displayed as cards. This continuous progress reporting helps students and teachers stay informed about the learning journey. The Qridi LMS interface is customized and branded specifically for BISAD, ensuring a personalized experience for the school community.

Recognizing Student Achievements with Digital and Print Diplomas

Students rank their performance at bronze, silver, or gold levels. Teachers then review and approve or adjust these assessments. Upon completion, Qridi automatically generates a beautiful paper diploma with the student's information and achievement level, ready for homeroom teachers to print and distribute.

The BISAD Diploma print out

A Tailored Educational Technology Solution

Qridi’s software service is designed to meet the unique needs of each customer. This customization extends to creating a white label app that looks and feels like the school’s own service, further enhancing the user experience.

By integrating Qridi into their educational practices, BISAD has effectively utilized sophisticated digital tools to support both teaching and learning, transforming the way students and teachers engage with the learning process. If you're considering a comprehensive solution for learning portfolios, progress monitoring, and informal learning, Qridi might be the innovative tool your school needs.

For more information about Qridi and how it can be customized for your school's needs, visit their website or contact us.

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