Edita and Qridi collaborate in producing innovative learning materials.

As part of the primary school learning materials, Edita and Qridi together introduce new digital tools that genuinely enhance learning, inspire both teachers and students, and promote equitable assessment.

Edita is currently producing completely new offerings for primary school learning materials with strong expertise and a boldly innovative approach. As part of the learning material package, digital tools are included, with Qridi as a collaborative partner in their production. - Both Edita and Qridi aim to promote equality in learning and assessment, and through collaboration, we can advance these goals even further!" rejoices Reena Linna, Business Manager of Primary School at Edita.

The platform developed specifically for Edita.

Qridi is a Finnish educational expert company and an award-winning learning platform widely used in all grades of basic education as well as in preschool. Developed to support assessment, the platform helps teachers by providing analytics for assessment and monitoring student progress.

Through collaboration, the Edita Qridi platform has been developed, combining Qridi's digital tools with Edita's high-quality learning material content. The new interface has been designed to serve the target group of primary schools according to age level. - Together with Edita, we are able to offer a completely new way of using learning material. With the new material, we facilitate teachers' work, improve student learning, and increase transparency to homes," says Henri Karjalainen, CEO of Qridi. "As Finnish actors, we share the same vision of learning with Edita, and our goal is to provide schools with the best possible learning materials!"

Interacts directly with Wilma.

Edita's digital materials provide teachers with versatile presentation materials, teaching tips, and learning analytics. Students are offered tools for learning to learn and tracking their own progress, engaging in gamified exercises, and enabling easy access.

Qridi communicates directly with Wilma, eliminating the need for separate logins to Edita's digital learning materials. Assessment-related information and curriculum-related data, as well as groups, can be seamlessly transferred between Wilma and Qridi. In the future, Qridi will also integrate with DigiOne.

More information:

Reena Linna, alakoulun liiketoimintapäällikkö, Edita
040 6283212

Henri Karjalainen, toimitusjohtaja, Qridi
045 6784326