Individualized Learning Paths with Qridi

Teaching without tying to specific grade levels allows for individualized pacing

In grade-independent learning paths, the idea is that students progress in their studies at an individual pace without the rigid pace and order of the traditional grade-level model. There's no need to stay in a specific grade level. Learning paths are typically designed for different subjects and for students of different ages.

Qridi visualizes individual paths for the teacher, student, and guardian

With Qridi, it's easy to implement and track learning paths. In primary education, learning paths are visualized as trains and train cars for younger students. For students in grades 3-9, learning paths consist of task cards forming task lists.
In practice, for example, a study path for grades 3-4 consists of individual task cards that cover the topics the student is expected to go through at their own pace over a period of time The student does not have to go through the task cards in a specific order; there is flexibility in the progression. Progression through the task cards is discussed together with the guardian and the student during learning discussions. Completing a task card includes self-assessment. It's possible to add photos, videos, audio, attachments, and text to the task card. The teacher can also provide an assessment of the student's performance in the task.
In the Assessment Train, the paths are visualized as train cars. The student can assess their own skills in relation to the goals of each train car together with the teacher. Typically, skills are assessed a few times per semester. It's possible to document the student's skills in each train car in a clear and visual manner using videos, pictures, audio recordings, and text. The documentation can be done by either the student or the teacher.

Ready-made Learning Paths available for the Assessment Train

Qridi provides ready-made learning paths for early childhood and primary education.
The teacher can also create their own learning paths for individual students or the whole class. It's possible to import the city's own learning paths for different grade levels into Qridi.

Ready-made Assessment trains

  • Learning to Read (English)
  • Learning to Write (English)
  • Self-Expression
  • Learning Skills
  • ICT Skills