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After a flexible pilot period, in which a part of the Qridi software was co-developed to fit the specific needs of the school, BISAD Diploma digital solution was released. With the BISAD Diploma, students are actively involved and engaged in a wide range of activities to enhance their learning beyond the curriculum, and ensure a holistic learning experience.

BISAD Diploma app in a nutshell:
  • Students collect evidence of learning (Images, video, audio, files or text) and tag it to the Diploma categories.
  • Teachers, students, parents and school leadership can follow progress.
  • Termly diplomas are awarded either on a Bronze, silver or Gold level.

Making Things Easier: From Paper to Digital

With Qridi, teachers and students are able to shift from collecting work on paper to a neat and polished digital environment. Students collect projects and achievements on different categories, such as service, leadership and academics in Qridi task lists. As they upload pictures, video, text or files of their projects to each category they reflect how they have developed their personal characteristics such as Thinker, Risk-taker, Reflective, Principled and Open-Minded.
  • At a glance view of the class's progress for the teachers.
  • Diploma portfolio can be printed out.
  • Continuous feedback loop between the teacher and the student enabled though the commenting feature.

Students learn to understand their individual learning paths and work towards becoming self-regulated learners

Students can access their diploma with a mobile or web app. The diploma categories are displayed as cards. Students also get continuous reporting of their progress.

Students rank their own performance either bronze, silver or gold and after the teachers approves or changes this assessment based on their own view, the student achieves the given part of the portfolio on that level.
  • Metacognitive development supported
  • Student agency in focus
  • Informal learning made visible
  • Student achievement rewarded and celebrated

School Leadership Stay on Track With Progress

Data driven pedagogical leadership is enabled with the rich data views purpose built for the BISAD DIploma app. Data can be filtered by class, year group and more. With Qridi, school leadership can gain a unique insight into the impact that school reforms and projects have on learning!
  • Data views for each cohort
  • Raw data exports and further processing with Power BI enabled


I admire the pedagogical ambition portrayed by BISAD Diploma. It genuinely challeges students to develop their character and give their best to society. BISAD is not nominated as the best international school for nothing. Alan, Patrick, Hugo, Laura and Sophie have been great partners in the rigorous co-development journey we have travelled togeher. It is a pleasure to see how Qridi serves them well!”

Markus Packalen
Qridi Project Lead


Using Qridi has been transformative for our BISAD Diploma program. This tool seamlessly adapted from a paper-based system to a dynamic, interactive platform that significantly enhances student engagement at the point of learning. It's truly revolutionized the way we operate and educate."

Alan Cocker
Principal, British International School Abu Dhabi

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